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About Us

                                                                                                                         Has been serving its local customers for more than 50 years. Andrews Cafe history is what makes the cafe stand out. Jon Snow loves Andrew’s fried eggs. As do fellow TV presenters Krishnan Guru-Murthy and Tom Bradby, all of whom signed a petition to prevent developers shutting down this classic caff. Inside, it’s all battered chairs, wipe-down tables and photos of Routemaster buses, with a vast wall-to-wall blackboard menu above the counter. Local cabbies and electricians rub shoulders with familiar faces from the nearby ITN building, who are here for the stupendous breakfast fry-ups (including top-notch fried slice), plus burgers, omelettes, sarnies and a host of proper home-cooked lunch dishes – roasts, shepherd’s pie, liver and bacon, stewed steak with veg, chicken Kiev, mixed grills and so on. Andrew’s is occasionally open in the evening, when it can be hired out for pop-ups featuring celeb chefs such as Giorgio Locatelli.

Andrews Restaurant

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